Patient numbers up, new infections edge lower

The number of patients being treated for Covid in critical care has risen to 1,412, but the number of people testing positive for coronavirus has fallen in comparison with last week.

On average over the past week, 680 patients a day were hospitalised with Covid.  The figure is up 15% on the week.

7,405 people are being treated for Covid in hospital. 1,412 are in critical care and their number is rising. 653 people were hospitalised with Covid on Wednesday.  673 Covid patients were discharged.

The average daily death toll of people with coronavirus calculated over the past week has risen to 147. This figure too continues to rise.

12,331 people with confirmed or suspected coronavirus have now died in Belgium.

The number of new cases of the infection is down for the first time in months, but be aware that Belgium changed its testing policy on 21 October meaning that only people who are symptomatic, had a high risk contact or returned from a zone designated as red by the Belgian foreign ministry and are symptomatic are being tested.

On average over the last week 14,091 people tested positive for coronavirus each day.  The figure is down 6% on the week.

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