Terrorist atrocity in eastern Belgium foiled

Belgian police have held two minors suspected of preparing a terrorist attack against the police.  The two youngsters were arrested outside the eastern town of Eupen, capital of German-speaking eastern Belgium.

They had recorded a video message in which they pledged allegiance to the terrorist outfit IS.  They are believed to have been hatching plans to attack at least one police station.

The plans conjure up memories of a shotting in Liège two years ago when two police officers and a passer-by were killed.  The attacker committed the atrocity during prison leave.  He was shot dead by the police.

The discovery of the plan does not seem likely to impact on Belgium’s terror threat level that remains unchanged.  The present situation has been analysed but because everything always remained under control no change in the terror threat is anticipated.

The two minors were arrested prior to the terrorist shooting in Vienna at the weekend.

France has recently been plagued by a spate of terrorist attacks, but no direct link has been established with the Belgian outfit. Investigators see this as copycat behaviour.

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