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Double the number of cases of coronavirus in Flemish care homes this week

The number of cases of coronavirus and outbreaks of the virus in Flemish care homes continues to rise. However, the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht says that the rate at which the number of new cases is growing in our region’s care home is slowing. 

Speaking at Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference Professor Van Gucht said “In Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels we see almost a doubling in the number of corona patients. In Flanders 48 care home residents per 1,000 are infected with coronavirus, in Wallonia this is 108 per 1,000 residents and in Brussels it is 61”. 

Meanwhile, the percentage of care homes with no infections continues to fall. 41% of Flemish care homes currently have at least one person that is infected, compared with 31% a week ago. In Wallonia this is 62% and in Brussels 53% of care homes have at least one resident with coronavirus.

The number of large outbreaks in which 10 or more people in the same care home have become infected has also increased. "16% of care homes in Flanders currently have a large outbreak. Last week this was 6%. In Wallonia 26% of care homes have a large outbreak, in Brussels this is 16%”, Steven Van Gucht said

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