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“Day-trippers flouting corona rules out of ignorance”

The extended break has been disappointing for the hospitality industry on the Flemish coast.  Bars and restaurants are closed due to coronavirus.  Hotels can stay open, but several restrictions apply.

Despite the fine weather only a quarter of rooms were booked at hotels, while the half-term break is usually high season.  Extending the break by an extra week hasn’t added to takings.  Bookings for next week remain the same as for this period last year.  The number of day-trippers too is down.  West Flemish tourist Authority Westtoer calculated 400,000 day-trippers visited the coast over the past week, while the fine weather this weekend has helped to boost numbers somewhat.

Local police are carrying out extra checks on compliance with corona measures.  Philip Denoyette of Blankenberge police told VRT: “We have an extra Covid team carrying out checks in the centre and on the prom. Officers instruct people to comply with the rules and draw up a police report from time to time.  90% of people are complying.  Often people don’t comply out of ignorance, but you get a feeling for spotting that!”

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