“Bring back your flu vaccine”

It looks like there could be a shortage of doses of flu vaccine to cater for everybody in risk groups.  People at risk of flu are now defined as the over 65s, the chronically ill, pregnant women and health workers.  The Flemish Patients’ Platform is asking people who have stocked up on a vaccine and are not in any of these categories to return their dose to the chemist.

“We’ve received countless reactions from people who are worried.  Flu and a chronic illness can mean death” says the Platform’s Ilse Weeghmans. “If you are healthy, flu signifies little risk except for a week in bed. Please show solidarity with the people who really need it!”

“What makes me angry is the fact that chemists made arrangements in June to ensure vaccines reached risk groups.  Instead they ended up in business health care, at companies like the Flemish broadcaster VRT (that operates flandersnews) and Leuven University!”

Lieven Zwaenepoel of the Pharmacists Union is less concerned given the fact that extra supplies are on their way to Belgium.

“The good news is that the flu epidemic that we can expect in February will be less pronounced as a result of corona measures.”

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