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“President-elect Biden, you can count on Belgium!”

Belgian premier Alexander De Croo has congratulated president-elect Joe Biden on his victory in the US presidential elections. “Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.  I wish him every success as president of one the world’s greatest and oldest democracies” the Belgian leader said in a special statement.

“Congratulations too to Kamala Harris on her historic election as the first woman vice-president of the United States.  She will be an incredible example and important role model for young girls across the world”.

“A record number of people voted in this election.  It is an illustration of the vibrancy of American political life and its democracy”.

“Belgium is prepared to strengthen further the trans-Atlantic alliance defending our common values and the ties of friendship that unite our peoples.  As the home of NATO and the EU we hope that the US, under its new leadership, will continue its crucial support for European integration, which has brought our continent peace and prosperity”.

“The US and a united Europe together can form a great force to strengthen multilateralism in the interests of all.  Climate change, the Covid emergency and the battle against terrorism feature at the top of a long list of global challenges that can only be dealt with successfully in a spirit of international co-operation and solidarity”.

“The US can count on Belgium as a constructive and long-standing ally that promotes consensus and makes every effort in favour of peace”.

Mr De Croo is looking forward to meeting Mr Biden soon to forge closer ties and press ahead with what he called “our common agenda”.

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