Over a fifth of corona patients have symptoms two months on

Results from Antwerp University’s coronavirus survey show that 22.4% of patients still have symptoms of coronavirus over two months after they were infected.  65% of people who took part in the study know somebody among close relatives, colleagues or friends who came down with a serious bout of the disease.

This compares with only around half during the period June to September.  One in six people knows somebody who died with Covid.

Around 25,000 people took part in the survey conducted in association with Hasselt, Leuven and the Francophone Free University of Brussels.  812 respondents came down with the disease at east two months ago.  Over a fifth are still showing symptoms.  General tiredness is the most common complaint.  Other complaints include shortness of breath, painful muscles and difficulty concentrating.

More people are now willing to be vaccinated: the over 65s are most enthusiastic.  Among under 65s there is greater preparedness among people who know somebody who has been seriously ill with Covid.

Respondents also identified the corona measures that they find hardest to stomach: limited numbers at funerals, pub and restaurant closures, cancelling of cultural events, limited contacts and the ban on group sports.

They believe working from home, abolition of the Rule of Four and the extended half-term break will have the greatest impact. 

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