Hospitalisations and infections down, deaths up

The number of people being admitted to hospital with Covid continues to fall.  The number of new infections is also decreasing.  Over 7,000 patients with Covid are still in hospital and the daily death toll continues to rise.

In the week ending 10 November on average 536 patients were hospitalised each day.  The figure is down 23% on the week.  In the week ending 3 November there were 693 daily Covid admissions on average.

On Tuesday 609 Covid patients were hospitalised. In all 7,058 people are being treated for Covid in hospital.  1,470 patients are receiving critical care. 881 patients are on a ventilator.

The average number of daily deaths continues to rise sharply: in the week ending 7 November 190 people with Covid died each day.  This compares with 141 a day the previous week.

In the week ending 7 November on average 7,834 people a day tested positive for coronavirus, which causes the disease Covid.  The real number of people with coronavirus is probably higher as in the main only people with symptoms are tested.

In the week ending 7 November 38,400 tests a day were carried out on average.  24.1% came back positive.

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