Senior people in Leuven will all get a telephone call

All Leuven residents over the age of 80 - about 3,500 people - can expect a phone call from the city or the local police in the coming days. The aim is to find out whether they are doing fine and whether they need any help. "These are hard times. A helping hand or a listening ear can be welcome", says Leuven Mayor Mohamed Ridouani (socialist). 

City staff, local police and volunteers first call the seniors by phone. Those who lost a dear one, will come first. If they don't get an answer, staff will come to the people personally to check whether everything is okay. 

Over 2,400 residents in their eighties or nineties or a widow(er). "Losing your partner has a big impact, especially when the options for social contacts are small. We must continue to look after one another", says Ridouani. 

There is also a help line for those who need a chat. Volunteers of Leuven Helpt are keeping the initiative going. 

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