Could wolves become a problem for Limburg? Wolf attack on dog sparks controversy

A dog has been killed by a wolf in Limburg province. Local mayors are sounding the alarm that this wolf may become a problem case. But the agency for Nature and Woodlands (ANB) says it is much too early to say. 

The dog was killed in the Zalmstraat in Houthalen-Oost. It is assumed that the dog escaped from his home, and that he had an encounter with a wolf who saw him as an intruder. Mayor Alain Yzermans of Houthalen-Helchteren is talking of "a painful incident that raises a lot of questions." 

His colleague from Oudsbergen, Lode Ceyssens, also expressed his "concerns". Under the wolf protocol, a wolf that is causing too many problems can be killed. 

A so-called problem wolf should no longer be protected, but the woodlands agency ANB says it's too early to tell. "Let's not jump to conclusions after one dog has been killed", says Jeroen Denaeghel of ANB. "Of course we should monitor the situation. But there will only be a problem when a wolf stays in a populated area for a longer period, performing different attacks on private grounds or in gardens. This is not the case now." 

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