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Bird flu has returned to Belgium: extra measures announced to contain the virus

A case of bird flu in an animal reception centre in Ostend has triggered stricter containment measures: members of the public have to keep all their birds or poultry indoors (or provide extra nets) until further notice. 

Bird flu has reached Belgium. Three wild birds receiving treatment in Ostend, have been diagnosed with the disease. 

The federal agency for food safety (FAVV) has immediately announced stricter measures. Extra precaution measures that applied to professionals are now being  extended to al members of the public keeping birds, chickens or other poultry. All animals will have to be kept indoors, or they have to be protected with an extra net. Special care should be taken when feeding the animals or giving them to drink. 

The bird flu is very contagious for all kinds of birds. There are no indications that it is dangerous for humans. The last case of bird flu in Belgium goes back to July 2017. The FAVV adds that there are no risks involved for humans: "We can still consume chicken meat and eggs safely."

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