Present corona restrictions will remain in place for at least two more weeks

The Consultative Committee representing the different governments in Belgium has discussed the present corona measures in Belgium, deciding that nothing will change at present. The decision had been widely expected. The first relaxations may come in two weeks' time - at the earliest - when the Consultative Committee meets again. But even then no major changes are expected. 

Belgium has been in a soft lockdown since the start of November, and the present situation will not change: non-essential shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants will remain closed, working from home is obligatory unless it is impossible, swimming pools and hairdressers' will remain closed etc. 

Yesterday's decision did not come as a surprise: figures are improving, but slowly, and the pressure on our hospitals and health care system remains very high. 

Premier Alexander De Croo put it this way: "Despite the slight improvements, the situation remains very serious. The Consultative Committee has decided to keep the present measures." 

Furthermore, the schools will reopen on Monday, as planned. Virologists estimate that this is "early", underlining that it is not without any risk: an impact may be seen in two weeks' time. Bearing in mind this relaxation, the government was even more determined to keep things as they are. 

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