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'New Kim' is most expensive pigeon ever: "Belgium is the Champions League for pigeon fanciers" 

New Kim, a pigeon from a breeder in Berlaar, has been auctioned for a record amount of 1.6 million euros. This breaks the previous milestone, set by pigeon Armando, by far. "The buyer is the same person that bought Armando", Nikolaas Gyselbrecht of the auction site Pigeon Paradise (PIPA) told VRT NWS. "He will probably bring the two together." 

The previous mark set by Armando was 1.2 million. "Normally, a male fetches more, because he can have more offspring; the number of eggs in a female is limited. So relatively seen, this makes the amount for the female New Kim even higher", Gyselbrecht says.  

New Kim's new owner is an anonymous buyer from China, who has plans to have the two "super pigeons" mate.  This weekend and tomorrow, all birds of the family of pigeon breeders in Berlaar (Antwerp province) are being put up for auction. The family hopes to raise 3.7 million, but since no fewer than 445 pigeons are being sold, this may become a lot more, Gyselbrecht explains. 

Belgium is a real country of pigeon fanciers, and the level is extremely high, he told Reuters: "We have about 20,000 breeders here. There is really a high density of pigeon fanciers. competing with each other. It's like the Champions League. If you are the best here, you have really good pigeons." 

Watch Nikolaas Gyselbrecht speaking in the Reuters video below: "This is the Champions League of pigeon breeding"

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