10 youths caught at lockdown party in Essen: "Just when the pizzas were being delivered"

Ten people in their twenties were surprised by police when they were holding an illegal lockdown party in a natural area in Essen (Antwerp province) last night. At first, only four were people found, but another six were discovered in nearby bushes. All ten will have to explain things before the judicial authorities. Another lockdown party was discovered in Sint-Genesius-Rode, with an estimated 30 people attending.  

Police received a tip from a passer-by on a bicycle in Essen. Around 7 P.M. they discovered an illegal lockdown party in the "Wildertse Duintjes", a small natural area. "We spotted several bicycles, a bonfire and many drinks", a police statement said. "When our team arrived, pizzas were being delivered." At first, only four party-goers could be apprehended, but another six could be taken from the bushes where they were hiding.  

The ten are youths in their twenties from Essen, Kalmthout, Antwerp and the Netherlands. Some of them verbally abused the police teams. All ten will have appear in court, as the Antwerp judicial authorities.

On Friday night, police also discovered an illegal lockdown party in Sint-Genesius-Rode in Flemish Brabant. At least 30 people were attending the party, but most managed to escape. A dozen could be caught though, they will all have to cough up a fine of 250 euros. The organiser will have to pay 750 euros. 

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