Is Belgium bending the curve?

The rise in the number of deaths being linked to coronavirus is slowing down.  There are indications that Belgium is bending the curve of the second wave following earlier positive figures about infection numbers and hospitalisations.

The pace in the rise of the number of deaths being linked to coronavirus is slackening.  On average during the week ending 12 November 197 patients died each day.  The figure is up 7% on the week, but that is a much slower rate of increase than in recent weeks.

There has been a further fall in the number of people being treated for coronavirus in hospital.  On average during the past week 463 patients were hospitalised a day.  That figure is down by a fifth on the week.  On Sunday 294 patients were hospitalised, 203 were discharged.

In all 6,518 patients are being treated in hospital with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  1,439 are receiving critical care.  894 patients are on a ventilator. The last two figures have remained more or less stable for ten days now.

In the week ending 12 November on average 5,057 new cases of coronavirus were detected each day.  The figure is down 47% on the week.  The real number of infections is believed to be higher: since 21 October, in the main, only people with symptoms are tested.  Starting 23 November people without symptoms will start to be tested once again, notably in care homes.

During this last period on average 29,300 tests were carried out each day.

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