VRT CEO Frederik Delaplace has his heart in the right place

It’s the warm-up for VRT’s Warmest Week

VRT has launched its warm-up for ‘The Warmest Week’ that will run from 18 to 24 December this year.  Due to the pandemic the VRT fundraiser will proceed without any crowded events.  The emphasis will be on creating warmth in society.

You may have noticed the flame logos that are going up all over the place.  You can put one up too if you wish to show your support for an initiative intended to show that we can all make a difference for everybody else, by being kind and considerate, having a little chat or helping in any way you can.  By displaying the flame you are showing that you too are willing to help if you can.  A small gesture, a phone call asking how you can help can make all the difference.

In the run-up to Christmas heart-warming stories will get pride of place on VRT Radio, where positive vibes will be uppermost in people’s minds.

During the Warmest Week itself VRT celebs will be out and about in Covid-safe conditions thanking people who have made a difference.  Studio Brussel DJs will present their show from locations across Leuven and wrappers of youth channel Ketnet will be lighting candles for children who made a difference.

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