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Big Corona Study online until 10pm

Although there has been a positive evolution in the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium recently Antwerp University’s last Big Coronavirus Survey found that many people’s morale is at its lowest ebb since the height of  the first wave of the pandemic in the spring. Morale among students and those working is lower still than it was in late March and early April. 

This time the fortnightly survey that is also available in English (see link below) will look at how the population is coping with the crisis. Those that wish to can take part until 10pm on Tuesday.

While the reduction in social contacts that have come about due to the lockdown measures has served to reduce the number of new coronavirus infections it has also had a negative impact on the mental well-being of many in society.

Antwerp University’s Philippe Beutels told VRT News that “Most people are mentally currently at around the worst level of the first wave. Looking at age categories we see that young people (16 -25) are still finding it particularly difficult. We hope that the survey on 17 November will allow us to see how this has evolved now that universities and colleges have switched to distance learning and the schools have returned from the extended half term break”.  

Meanwhile, the pensioners that took part in the previous survey two weeks ago says that their morale is currently no worse than it was during the first wave.

Today’s Big Corona Survey  that is a joint effort between the Universities of Antwerp, Leuven and Hasselt and Brussels’ Francophone Free University (ULB) will also look at the Christmas and New Year celebration and to what extent participants are prepared to limit their social contacts during them and abide by other restrictions during them.

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