Corona bonus of 33 euro per child for poorer families

Before the Christmas holidays poorer families in Flanders will be given a one-off payment of 33 euro per child to help compensate for some of the loss of income and/or extra expense that they have suffered as a result of the coronavirus crisis. This is the second time that such a payment will have been made. During the summer the Flemish Government paid out a corona onus to all families that could prove that their income had fallen by at least 10% since the onset of the pandemic. 

The Families’ Association (De Gezinsbond) has said that it is pleased with the move. This time around all families with a gross taxable income below 31,605.89 will be entitled to the payment. The parents or guardians of a total of 350,000 children from our region’s poorer families will receive just over 33 euro per child.  


The Families Association’s Frans Schotte told VRT News thar "33 euro doesn’t seem much, but it can be the difference between being poor and being very poor. It can be the difference between a full or an empty lunch box”.

Mr Schotte added that he believes that it is important that the bonus will be given automatically to those that are entitled to it. “If you require people to fill in a load of forms or make them jump through hoops in order to claim, you hit the people that are entitled because they are a group that finds this difficult. With the schools having started back and Saint Nicholas coming up it is good that the bonus is being paid out now”?   

The Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) says that the payment will be made before Christmas. 

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