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Emergency services called to Flemish horror trail

You may have noticed it this year.  Belgium’s emergency services are under pressure.  So, in Zottegem – what’s in a name? – they could have done without all the commotion on Monday.  The emergency services were called out because somebody had seen two pairs of legs poking out of a pond.  There were fears people were drowning but on closer inspection the legs were not attached to any living creature.  They had been planted in the pond as part of a horror trail.

“I noticed it immediately, when I arrived” says Mayor Jenne De Potter.  “There was nobody in danger of drowning. But you never know what enters people’s minds when they see a scene like this.”

The police, the fire service and an ambulance were all directed to the banks of the pond in Elene.  Imagine the scene when all those gathered discovered that the four legs protruding from this Flemish waterway were not real, human legs, but falses. On the banks of the pond they also encountered a gallows and a notice board explaining the horror trail.

Mayor De Potter has decided that the trail can stay until Christmas.  It was laid out by local residents and takes visitors along a 6km route to allow them to discover blood-curdling stories from this Flemish hamlet. There are five stops where you can use your mobile phone to access horror stories.  The local residents who created the trail will have to foot the bill for the intervention by the emergency services.   

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