Brussels Region refuses licence for iconic Coco-Cola neon sign

The government of the Brussels Capital Region has decided that the large neon sign advertising the American beverage Coca-Cola on the De Brouckèreplein must disappear.   A licence for the iconic ad has been refused.  Brussels now intends to debate whether similar neons signs will ever be permitted on the square.

Pascal Smet (One-Brussels – Flemish socialist), junior minister for urban planning, says the sign is ‘beyond all proportion’. Mr Smet isn’t entirely opposed to neon advertising but believes a debate should be held on what kind of signs will be permitted.

“I’m aware the sign has been there for some considerable time and some people argue it is part of our heritage, but the form this sign takes is certainly not the right one. That’s why we’ve refused to grant a permit.”

“We’re quite prepared to discuss the matter with the City of Brussels.  Do we want neon signs on the De Brouckèreplein? If so, what form and style should they adopt?  The debate is open, but ahead of any conclusions, we’ve refused the licence.  Otherwise we’re stuck with it for another six years.”

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