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Glasses shatter, record unbroken

Sebastien Maes, a waiter from the western city of Kortrijk, has failed to improve the record for the number of empty wine glasses you can hold in one hand.  The gentleman from Spain, who managed to hold 39 wine glasses in one hand, retains the record.  Sebastien, who has more time on his hands due to the hospitality closures didn’t manage to shatter the record, but the glasses he was holding did not survive.

As the glasses all ended up shattered on the floor, Sebastien couldn’t make another attempt just yet.  The Kortrijk waiter hopes his attempt at the record will help to keep the plight of workers in the hospitality industry in people’s minds and provide some cheer for his colleagues, who would prefer to be waiting rather than sitting at home. 

“It’s a difficult time for us” he told VRT Radio.  “We are so looking forward to reopening.”

Sebastien had planned to give it four attempts.  He got to 38 empty glasses on attempt 3, but then catastrophe struck: all the glasses fell and shattered.  “I wanted to give it a fourth go” he said, “but not with broken glasses.”


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