KBC Tower to become ‘Culture Tower’

Antwerp’s KBC Tower, the former ‘Farmers’ Tower’ is getting a new destination.  Banker KBC is selling the iconic mini skyscraper to Fernand Huts’s Katoen Natie Group. The port entrepreneur has the ambition of turning the edifice into a ‘Culture Tower’.

KBC considered all the redevelopment projects and decided on Fernand Huts’ proposal that together with property developer ION turns the tower into a ‘Culture Tower’ that also accommodates shops, hospitality, offices and flats.

The tower will now be partially dismantled to allow stabilisation work to go ahead and asbestos to be removed.  Work will start next year. Once finished the ‘Culture Tower’ will be able to house exhibitions and store works of art.  It will also include a restauration workshop, a sculpture garden, a cinema, an auditorium and a bookstore.  The three top storeys will offer visitors panoramic views of the northern port city.  The work should be complete by… 2027.  The iconic KBC logo landmark that rises high above the city will remain in place even after the development.

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