Anthony Fomin

Beagle stolen as mistress shops for toiletries

An Antwerp woman has been left distraught after her pet beagle dog was stolen from outside a branch of the toiletries’ discounter Kruidvat. The dog was stolen from outside the branch of the Dutch-owned chain on De Keyserlei in the centre of Antwerp. 

The beagle’s owner, a 31-year-old woman had tied his leased onto the bicycle rack outside the shop while she popped in to buy a few essentials. On her return the woman’s beloved pet was nowhere to be seen. 

Witnesses say that they saw a man dressed in a black leather jacket untie the dog’s leash from the bicycle rack and walk away with the beagle towards the Van Eycklei. Antwerp police searched the immediate area for the dog and the man that had stolen him but were unable to find either of them. 

The stolen dog is a 7-year-old beagle bitch that answers to the name of Marley. She was chipped by the dog registration authorities in Spain. 

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