Police break up illegal parties in Bilzen and Hasselt

Police in Limburg Province have issue 13 fines for violations of the rules that are in force to curb the spread of coronavirus to people that attended two illegal parties in Hasselt and Bilzen this weekend. 

Police in Hasselt raided a party at a flat on the Runkstersteenweg on Saturday evening after they had received reports of excessive noise coming from the flat. A total of 8 people were present at the gathering. 

All of them were issued with 250-euro fines for breaching the measures designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus. In Bilzen police were called to a property on the Korenstraat at around 1am on Saturday morning after receiving complaints about loud music. A total of 5 people were present, 3 of whom tried in vein to hide from the police under a blanket in the attic of the house. All 5 people present were issued with 250-euro fines. 

18 breaches of the curfew 

Hasselt police also fined a total of 18 people for breaching the curfew that is in force in Flanders between midnight and 5am. Officers question a total of 50 people about why they were out of their homes during curfew, 32 of those question had a valid reason to be out.

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