Woman seriously injured after chalet exploded at the Baalse Hei in Turnhout

A woman has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after an explosion devastated the chalet that she was staying in. The explosion happened at the Baalse Hei, a beauty spot in Turnhout, in Antwerp Province. The cause of the explosion is reported to be a gas bottle that was being used at the chalet.  

Eyewitness Staf told VRT News that “There was a dull thud. My wife and I were woken up and were saw the flames above the trees. We ran outside straight away and saw the occupant of the chalet lying on the ground. We brought her to safety and waited for the emergency services”.

The woman sustained serious burns in the explosion and was taken to the Stuivenberg Hospital in Antwerp. Rudy Remijsen of the Local Police Service told VRT News that “An investigation into the explosion is underway. A gas bottle is reported to have exploded inside the chalet”. 

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