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“The good taste of the Chinese comes as a surprise to me”

Imagine the surprise when artist Wouter Mulier discovered that a copy of the sculpture he had created for the municipal hall in Herent (Flemish Brabant) was being sold on a Chinese website. The Flemish artist had no knowledge of the copy until somebody gave him a bell.

“I got a call from somebody I don’t know.  He told me all about it.  I don’t have the habit of visiting Chinese websites, but it is a copy of my work! The website says it’s a copy of an original work in Fujian, but they show a photograph of my work in Herent (Flemish Brabant).  It’s the photo I made for my website.”

The Chinese copy is smaller than the original.  Still the asking price is 10,000 euros.

Wouter is incandescent:” This isn’t permitted.  Royalties are due to me.  It’s sad something like this happens without seeking my permission and in such a brutal way.  It’s so absurd it nearly makes you laugh.

Wouter is trying to see the plagiarism in a positive light.  “The good taste of the Chinese comes as a surprise to me.  It’s so crazy that they precisely chose my work on the other side of the globe. But it leaves a bitter aftertaste.”

He will now be contacting a European body specialising in these kind of issues.

The original work entitled “Fusion” that stands outside Herent municipal hall isn’t for sale. It symbolises the co-operation between Herent’s various municipal departments, e.g. the police, the library and the administration. “It shows that together we stand stronger” says the now world-famous artist. 

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