Municipal council installs portable toilet facilities for walkers and cyclists

The measures that are in force to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus mean that our leisure options are severely curtailed. This has meant that more people than normal are going walking and cycling. However, what do you do if you are caught short while you’re out? The closure of bars and restaurant means that toilet facilities are currently very few and far between. As those that live here or have visited Belgium will know public toilets are something of a rarity and as we reported on Saturday this can pose serious issues for some. 

A municipal authority in Antwerp Province has come to the help of walkers and cyclists that might need to spend a penny while they are out by installing 6 portable toilets. The toilets have been installed at locations across Zoersel. The idea came from Katrien Schryvers, a councillor from the opposition Christian democrats on Zoersel’s municipal council.

Ms Schrijvers told VRT Radio 2 “Toilets have been installed at places that attract a lot of visitors. I am pleased that the municipal authorities have taken my proposal on board”. There are a lot of people out and about in Zoersel. They are not only people from our municipality, but also people from elsewhere. Certainly, people from outside Zoersel might need to stop to use the toilet while they’re out”.

She has also asked the municipal authorities to ensure that the portable toilets are sufficiently ventilated and cleaned regularly.

The portable lavatories have been installed at popular spots for hikers and cyclists such as the entrance to Zoersel Woods, next to the Christmas crib in Einhoven and outside the cemeteries at Halle and Sint-Anthonius.

In addition to the portable toilets those that wish to spend a penny during office hours can also use the toilets inside public buildings in Zoersel such as the Town Hall.

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