Belgians not so eager to pay for online content

Around 30% of people in Belgium are currently paying a fee to access online content legally.  Belgians are paying for films, tv series, music, games and the press.  A survey conducted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO shows Belgians are more reluctant to fork out for such content than their European peers.

The people of Finland are most ready to part with their cash to access online content.  58% of Fins make payments.  The European average is 42% with Belgians coming home just ahead of the people of Slovakia and Hungary.

The market is growing fast.  Only 3 years ago only 25% of Europeans were paying for online content.  Experts suggest more Europeans are prepared to pay to access online content legally as it has become affordable.  An awful lot is available and it can often be used time and time again. The corona emergency with many people stuck at home has also boosted sales.

13% of Belgians admit to paying to access online content illegally during the past year.  Downloading illegal content is especially popular among the young, but here too it is decreasing.

The illegal market is still believed to be enormous.  Up to 940 million euros a year may be spent on accessing TV illegally.  EUIPO and Europol oppose piracy.  These organisations are proud of the recent conviction of the people behind Sweden’s The Pirate Bay.

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