Flemish government recognises care workers’ commitment with extra cash

Flemish premier Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) has announced a package of measures to support care workers.  The Flemish government is releasing an extra 577 million euros annually for all Flemish care workers.  412 million is earmarked for measures to increase workers’ spending power, while a further 165 million will be spent on easing work pressure.

The Flemish government’s move follows a similar gesture by the federal authorities.  The Flemish government concluded a draft agreement with the social partners last night.

The extra cash for the health care sector is intended to show recognition for the sector’s efforts, especially during the present corona crisis.  “We wish to express our recognition for all the people who for months now during this corona crisis have given their all in care homes, convalescence centres, at services for the handicapped, in youth care, home care and child care, etc.”

Starting 1 January spending power of workers in care homes, psychiatric centres and convalescence homes will be increased by 6%.  Workers in other centres too will receive a more limited increase.

Measures to ease work pressure include hiring extra staff and organising additional training sessions.

Today’s extra cash comes in addition to 562 million euros annually to increase capacity.  “In all the Flemish government is spending an extra 1.1 billion a year in the care and well-being sector” PM Jambon said.

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