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What a surprise for Jacqueline on her 80th

Jacqueline Ost from Hamme (East Flanders) has just had a marvellous 80th birthday thanks to her loving relatives.  Unfortunately, due to corona restrictions, the whole family wasn’t able to come to her home and celebrate her landmark birthday.  Instead they had life-size cardboard photos of all her relatives printed: in this way Jacqueline was surrounded by her entire family on her birthday.

The live-size cardboard cut-outs were a big surprise for Jacqueline.  Her family had kept the whole thing secret.  It was only on her birthday itself, when she pulled up the shutters that she saw that all her children and grandchildren had crowded round the windows.

Jacqueline first thought they were really there, but when it turned out they were cardboard photos she wasn’t too disappointed. 

Daughter Hilde explains the family’s predicament: “Jacqueline is a mum and granny.  She wanted an enormous birthday party, but that wasn’t possible due to coronavirus.  We decided to get our photos printed on cardboard.  That way we were all with her all day!”

“There are twenty of us.  We had everybody put on cardboard.  We went to her house at 6:30AM and very quietly placed all the photos in front of her window.  Then we disappeared.  Apparently, it was an enormous surprise.  She thought it was really us and stood there waving at the cut-outs.”

Now her birthday celebrations are over, all the cut-outs have been dispatched to the garage, but Jacqueline pucks out a different one every day to join her at the kitchen table!

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