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Zero tolerance for acts of violence against the police

Dealing with the perpetrators of violence directed at the police is now a priority for Belgium’s public prosecutors.  Following a spate of recent incidents in which police officers have been attacked justice minister Van Quickenborne (Flemish liberal) tightened up the rules.

Zero tolerance will now apply.  All those suspected of committing violence targeted at the police will appear before an examining magistrate.  If possible, they will face summary justice. Vincent Van Quickenborne.

“The government decided targeting the police with violence is unacceptable.  In the past punishments were beefed up.  The part of any sentence that must be served has been increased, but the most important thing, i.e. a prosecution policy wasn’t yet in place, but the measures that we are now taking together with prosecutors are far-reaching.  There’s a circular that will apply to all prosecutors and is now very far-reaching when it comes to clamping down on violence against the police".  


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