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“Undertakers flouting corona rules”

The municipal authorities in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant) have pledged to beef up supervision following reports of at least two recent funerals in which Brussels undertakers ignored corona restrictions.   At both ceremonies the number of mourners exceeded the permitted number by far.  At one ceremony 80 people gathered, when only 15 are permitted.

The matter’s been raised at the local council after the cemetery carpark couldn’t cope with the number of vehicles carrying mourners and some had to be parked on the nearby road. Mourners had apparently driven from Brussels under police supervision!

An undertaker from Jette (Brussels) is being fingered after he failed to comply with the corona measures that restrict the number of mourners to 15.  The 80 mourners present reportedly failed to social distance. As refreshments couldn’t be offered at a hall mourners were handed drinks and a bite to eat at the cemetery entrance.  At this point municipal workers intervened and asked everybody to leave.

Mayor Holemans of Zaventem has written to the two Brussels undertakers concerned.  The funeral directors risk a hefty fine if there is any repeat. Police and municipal officials will step up surveillance.  Permission has to be granted for every funeral.

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