Belgium orders coronavirus vaccines to protect 10.4 million people

Belgium is signing up for the CureVac vaccine ordered by the European commission.  The European commission is negotiating with producers on behalf of the member states and has placed orders for six different vaccines so far.  Belgium has chosen to order four of these vaccines that provide protection against coronavirus.

Belgium is eager to purchase 2.9 million doses of the CureVac vaccine once it has been given the go ahead by the regulators. Earlier Belgium also ordered the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine (7,740,000 doses), Janssen Pharmaceutica’s (=Johnson&Johnson; 5,160,000 doses) and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (5 million doses).

This takes the total number of vaccine doses ordered by the Belgian government to 20.8 million.  Two doses are often required per person.

CureVac is claiming promising results in its phase 2 study, while it hopes to commence a phase 3 study before the year is out. Then it can head to regulators for approval.

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