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Bizarre accident sets 3 lorries ablaze

A lorry driver was killed in an accident on a carpark along the E34 motorway in Vorselaar (Antwerp Province) this morning.  Around 3:50AM the lorry carrying cement crashed into a second vehicle when it veered off the motorway onto the carpark.  In all three vehicles caught fire as a result of the accident.

The driver, who caused the accident, died in his cabin.  The blaze led to considerable disruption for commuters heading into the metropolis of Antwerp. For a while the entire motorway in the direction of Antwerp had to be closed.  One lane remained closed till 9AM.

The accident was caused when the driver veered from the road.  It’s unclear why this happened.  Did he fall asleep or feel unwell?  Local fire-fighters struggled to tackle the blaze as water supplies at this location were a bit of a problem and they were forced to ferry in water in tank lorries.

Loud bangs could be heard far in the distance.  It’s believed these were caused by tires exploding.

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