Police halt two Jewish feasts up in Antwerp

Police in Antwerp put an end to two Jewish feasts on Tuesday evening.  57 people had gathered at one celebration and those present tried to hide in boxes when the police arrived.  42 people were discovered at a second celebration.  Police had to force open the door to gain access.  Police drew up reports at both venues detailing the presence of all adults.

Fifty Jewish people staged a celebration at a venue on the Isabellalei that involved both food and drink.  “When the revellers were caught, some quickly tried to hide in boxes” says Wouter Bruyns of Antwerp police.  The police also encountered one individual who was staying in the country illegally.

A little later in the evening police were alerted to a second celebration on the Van Leriusstraat.  “When they saw us coming, they locked the doors” said the police spokesman. “We had to force open the door and climb over a wall to gain entry”. 

Some revellers had hidden in the loos, but when everybody was accounted for the police drew up a report with a view to a fast-track subpoena.

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