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Fleming shatters 'wineglass in one hand' record

Waiter Sebastien Maes has succeeded in breaking the world record ‘holding wineglasses in one hand’ in a new attempt.  A week ago the waiter got no further than the 38 glasses, while the record on the name of a Filipino colleague stood at 39. Now he managed a record-breaking 40.

“I’m so pleased I managed to do it” he told VRT.

Last week had been so disappointing.

“I managed to hold 38 wineglasses in one hand and faltered in sight of my goal.  I only needed to add two more glasses to improve the record”.

“After last week’s failed attempt I received an awful lot of advice and support. My brother advised me to use a new technique.  As a result the construction of glasses was more stable.  I was amazed it went so smoothly. “

Last week Sebastien’s attempt ended when all the glasses landed on the ground and shattered.  This time round he managed to put them all back on the table without breaking a single glass. 

Sebastien set himself the challenge in an attempt to draw attention to the plight of people in the hospitality industry and ask for people to support his colleagues who are going through the desert.   

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