Limburger ordered to pay for neighbour’s curtains after he snapped her naked!

A judge in Limburg has ordered a man from Diepenbeek to foot the bill for new curtains and sun blinds for his neighbour after he took photographs of her when she was naked.  The guy told the judge he was trying to photograph Mars.

The man from Diepenbeek received a 12-month suspended sentence and has been ordered to pay 1,500 euros in compensation as well as foot a 350-euro bill for curtains and sun blinds.  The prosecution went ahead after photographs of his neighbour in a state of undress were found on his computer.  The man’s home was recently raided as part of an investigation into child pornography.  His computer and photographic equipment were seized.

It appeared the guy had taken the snaps from a vantage point on his flat roof.  The man first tried to convince the judge he had made the photos by mistake.  His real subject had been Mars, but when it transpired Mars could not be seen in the night’s sky at that time, he changed his story claiming he was photographing the moon.  The judge would have none of it but meted out a hefty sentence for taking snaps of his neighbour while she was washing.

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