Police shut down several lockdown parties in Antwerp and Turnhout

Police in Antwerp Province have put a stop to a number of illegal lockdown parties during the weekend. On Saturday evening police in the city of Antwerp broke up three such illegal gatherings at locations across the city. In one case the party re-started once police had left and they were forced to return. On Friday night police in the town of Turnhout shut down a lockdown party there. 

Member of the Vice Squad that were patrolling in Antwerp’s Red-Light District noticed several people had been ring the bell to gain entry to a property on the Oudemansstraat. When they went to investigate further, they heard music and the voices of several different people. When the police rang the bell those inside made every effort to be quiet. However, eventually the door was opened, and police officers found fourteen people inside the building. They were there attending a birthday party. All those present were issued with fines and the party was brought to an end.

Party restarted once police had left


At an address on the Acacialaan in the Wilrijk district of the city four people that were attending a garden party were fined. Several other guests were able to make their getaway via the garden.

Elsewhere, police were forced to return for a second time to a party in a hotel on the Grote Pieter Potstraat. Several of those at the illegal gathering has already been fined for breaches of the corona measures in the past. They were detained by police.

In Turnhout too the police had to intervene to shut down an illegal lockdown party on Friday night. When the police arrived at around 3am the residents of the flat refused to open the door. However, the police had authorisation from the Judicial Authorities to enter. When they did, they found six people inside. One of them was on the wanted list and as such was arrested.

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