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"All Brussels retailers should be able to sell online"

The Brussels Region is eager to help all retailers move online.  A new website is being created where every retailer in the Brussels Region can offer their products and services.

Hub.Brussels is the organisation that for a while now has been supporting retailers and entrepreneurs to beef up their online presence on behalf of the Brussels Region.  It offers lessons, tips and advice.  In the course of the week a new online platform aimed at all traders is being launched together with a promotional video. The week in which many physical stores reopen is seen as an opportunity not to be missed.

Hub.Brussels deputy CEO Annelore Isaac insists the launch isn’t coming too late in the day: “A number of retailers have already found their own solution in order to embrace digital opportunities, but unfortunately not everybody has the means or the opportunity. Retailers can now reopen their stores.  Purchases are being made for the Feast of St Nicholas and Christmas.  I believe now is a good moment to offer a solution for those retailers who haven’t yet moved online”.

The website has been given an English name:  At present information is only available in Dutch and French.


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