New app being developed to keep tabs on coronavirus infections at hospitality venues

Reservation platform Resengo is developing a new app that will register the number of coronavirus infections in the hospitality industry. This will prove useful once bars, cafés and restaurants can reopen and Resengo hopes that it will prevent the need for them having to be closed for a third time. 

Resengo’s Dirk Gypen told the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ “Each time there is a collective lockdown, but nowhere has anything been done to collect firm data on the way in which the virus is spread and to what extent it has been spread in certain businesses”.

The ‘Trace Against Corona’ app intended for use by the proprietors of businesses in the hospitality industry and works based on the Coronalert app. This means that you won’t have to download an extra app if you visit a bar, restaurant, or café. However, you will need a smartphone that is compatible with the app.

"If we have to wait until everyone has a smartphone or wants to install the app, we will have reached a point where the hospitality industry and all our society has been crushed”, Mr Gypen said.

He added that "However, it is not the intention to say from day 1 that people won’t be allowed in without the app. We are above all calling on people to download it”.   

The app is currently in the development stage and should be ready by the time restaurants, bars and cafés can reopen. 

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