10PM curfew in Brussels at least till 13 December

The regional security council of the Brussels Capital Region has agreed to maintain the stricter corona measures valid across the Brussels Region at least till 13 December.  The measures include a curfew from 10PM till 6AM and mandatory wearing of face coverings in all public spaces.

In Flanders the curfew starts at midnight and only lasts till 5AM, but in Brussels it’s not felt the time is yet right for any relaxation.  Only people on the move for work, seeking or providing assistance to others are allowed out between the hours of 10PM ad 6AM. 

A VRT journalist reporting on the situation only encountered chefs returning from restaurants that had now become takeaways and builders during his journey through the abandoned streets of curfew Brussels.

Few are the people who are ignoring the curfew.

“It’s too premature to take any decision on changing of modifying the measures” a source at the Brussels Region told VRT.

In addition to the curfew and mandatory face coverings all shops have to close by 8PM and consuming alcohol in public places is banned at least till 13 December across the entire Brussels region.

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