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Revolutionary Jewels from the Sixties and Seventies in Antwerp

Antwerp’s Museum for Diamonds, Jewellery and Silver, the DIVA, is staging a gem of an exhibition devoted to ‘Revolutionary jewels of the Sixties and Seventies.

The exhibition includes over a hundred jewels manufactured during this heady epoch. Jewellers in London brought change to the industry distancing themselves from classical jewellery and adding ‘swing’.  Psychedelic drugs did the rest and their impact is clear for all to see.

“The Jeweller’s Art – Revolutionary Jewellery from the Sixties and Seventies” also encompasses the fashion, music and design of this era.  An installation by Space Encounters will take you into a labyrinth of sound and light that highlights the gems presented in the exhibition.

The museum on Suikerrui 17-19 (near City Hall) reopens on 5 December following the lockdown.


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