200 km/h police chase ends in crash

A driver, eager to avoid a police road check, crashed on a slip road in Wilrijk (City of Antwerp) on Friday night following a police chase in which vehicles reached speeds of 200 km/h. As if by miracle the 24-year-old driver left the scene with only minor injuries.

Police were carrying out alcohol tests on the Mechelen ring road last night, when they noticed a car speeding in the other direction. Police were eager to stop the vehicle and were forced into a chase. The driver refused to stop and put his foot down.  He then headed onto the E19 Brussels Antwerp motorway with police vehicles in hot pursuit.  Vehicles reached speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

Exiting the motorway in Wilrijk the driver missed the bend and crashed. Police are trying to establish why exactly the driver was so eager to avoid them.

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