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Barbers take their chair out onto the pavement in protest

Barbers and hairdressers are among the contact professionals, who have been forced to close their businesses as a result of government measures to stem the spread of coronavirus.  Hair salons will open at the earliest next year! To protest against the uncertainty surrounding the closure of their businesses hundreds of barbers and hairdressers will stage a protest today: they are putting the chair they usually cut their clients’ hair in out on the pavement and so as not to infringe corona regulations will do the hair of one member of their household bubble to draw attention to their plight.

Hairdressers are eager to reopen on 14 December.  Marcella, a hairdresser from Bree (Limburg): “This is a playful protest, but in a safe way we are demanding a clear government plan so that we know where we are.  We will be cutting the hair of somebody from our bubble to voice our concern.  We are also asking customers to be patient and not to slip across the border for a wash and cut. There – read in the Netherlands - the hair salons are open.”

Many hair professionals say they are being pressurised by customers. Nearly 80% of hairdressers and barbers have received invitations to do somebody’s hair behind closed doors. They are also hearing that many customers are crossing the frontier for a short Dutch back and sides.

The Belgian governments are to consider the reopening of hair salons on 15 January. Any opening could be delayed until 1 February.  The hairdressers’ federation fears that the closures will sound the death knell for many salons.

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