Koen Muysers

Fallow deer mystery occupies Hasselt police

Police in the Limburg capital Hasselt, already stretched due to the corona pandemic, have a new mystery to solve: who is responsible for the fallow deer wandering the streets of the Kuringen district?  The animals can regularly be encountered on the public highway.  They are relatively tame but still pose a threat to road safety. Hasselt police are now determined to track down their owner.

A group of fallow deer wandering the highways and byways of Kuringen is quite a picture, but the animals are a clear threat to road safety local police say.  Dorien Baens: “As yet no accidents have been reported, but we are keen to prevent rather than clear up afterwards.  That’s why we would like to know where the animals come from.”

Who owns the fallow deer and where they come from is a well-kept mystery in this part of Hasselt.  Neighbourhood officers have now been instructed to quiz local residents about their provenance.  Police also intend to patrol more frequently in the hope of encountering the owner while he is tending his parcel of fallow deer.

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