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20,000 truckers bring a broad grin to Tristan’s face

Tristan Geneyn, a six-year-old from Diksmuide (West Flanders), underwent a tenth heart operation on Tuesday. The lad was born with a serious heart defect but has received a massive show of support from 20,000 lorry drivers from across the globe.

Tristan’s big passion is trucks.  To cheer him up his godmother Madison Geneyn launched an appeal on Facebook.  Imagine her and Tristan’s surprise when 20,000 lorry drivers from the four corners of the world responded and sent the lad pictures of their trucks.

“He’s a tremendous fighter” said Madison “but he can use all support after his open-heart surgery.”

“We’ve received 20,000 photos as well as PMs.  The photos come from Italy, Hungary, Norway, Poland, but also the US and Russia.  I’ve got my work cut out making albums, but I can also make videos and hang photos in his room.”

Tristan heard about the response from his godmother on a video chat.  “I saw a broad grin and even a tear in his eye” Madison said.

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