Federal government pooh-poohs talk of Christmas relaxation

In different media key ministers have rejected calls from the Francophone liberal coalition partner in favour of a further relaxation of corona measures to coincide with Christmas.  Belgian premier Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) and health minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) have made it clear that corona data can be assessed at a meeting of the consultation committee on 18 December but that relaxations are not on the cards.

The consultation committee groups Belgium’s various governments and has the final say on corona measures.

Speaking on Francophone independent TV the health minister said the figures were still “very high”.  Originally the data would only be evaluated at the start of January, but Mr Vandenbroucke (right) sees no reason for not doing this on 18 December if the prime ministers of the regions and communities are minded to do so. “The only danger is that we will be discussing a stagnation and not a fall” said Mr Vandenbroucke.

Speaking on Flemish independent TV PM De Croo (left) noted: “We are not yet ready for relaxations.  I hope we learned something from the situation last time round.  The last thing we should do now is give people false hope.”

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