Infection rates back at start of October levels

In the week to 4 December, on average 188 people were hospitalised with coronavirus each day.  The figure is down 22% on the previous week.

On Saturday 214 patients were hospitalised, a further 327 were discharged.  Hospitalisation levels are back at levels recorded in mid-October.

3,163 patients with coronavirus are currently being treated in hospital.  753 are in critical care with 490 patients on a ventilator.

On average in the week to 2 December 113 people with coronavirus died each day. The figure is down 21% on the previous week when 143 daily deaths were recorded on average.

In the week to 1 December 2,172 people tested positive for coronavirus on average each day.  The figure is down 13% on the week when the daily average stood at 2,491.  The daily number of cases is back at levels last seen at the beginning of October when the rates started to rise exponentially.

In the week to 1 December on average 36,500 tests a day were carried out.  9% of tests are coming back positive. 

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