Snow on the way

Snow is forecast for the night ahead in Upper Belgium.  A blanket of snow is anticipated in the Ardennes, but also in eastern regions of Flanders.

A depression heading our way from Germany will bring the first snow of the autumn.  Anybody heading out around curfew time or early on Monday should watch out for slippery conditions on the roads.

Foggy conditions tonight will be followed by the first snowfall in areas above 200 metres.  A blanket of ten centimetres of snow could be our lot by Monday morning. Limburg and central parts could see snow too in the latter part of the night.  With freezing temperatures the snow may turn to black ice on the roads.

With highs of 4°C on Monday the snow is soon set to disappear.  Tuesday will be settled but temperatures won’t be much above 4°C all week.  Wednesday should be the coldest day with highs around 1°C in central parts.

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