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A hundred photos of parking offenders handed to Brussels police

A group of residents from Sint-Joost-ten-Node (Brussels) gathered in a Citizen’s Collective have snapped a hundred vehicles that had been parked in violation of the traffic rules.  The residents of Belgium’s smallest municipality are fed up to the back teeth with drivers parking their car on pavements and cycle paths and are handing all the incriminating images over to the mayor and local police.

Road safety is a main goal for Sint-Joost’s Citizen’s Collective 1210/0.  It took the members less than a month to snap a hundred vehicles that had been parked in violation of the rules on zebra crossings and pavements in an area no larger than 500 square metres.

Clara Vanmuysen: “Parking on crossings and on the pavement endangers pedestrians.  It’s been common in Sint-Joost for years.  It required little effort to compile a dossier like ours. We’re calling for the police to carry out more checks and for infrastructure works to make life difficult for parking offenders.”

“Offences often occur at the same spots and by the same people.  It shows the issue is not being addressed.  We want the municipality to intervene.  This already happens when streets are being renovated, but posts can easily enhance the situation too.”

“We appreciate parking isn’t easy in Brussels, but that is no excuse to park your car on a crossing or pavement.  Most people in Sint-Joost don’t even own a car!  The municipal authorities must remove parking pressure from our streets and look for different solutions.”

burgercollectief 1210/0

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